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Organisational Structure

The Bee Honey Company currently operates from 3 different sites, each in different parts of the world. The splitting into different regions is advantageous for The Bee Honey Company as it enables each division of the company to take into account the different cultures and tastes of each of the markets that they operate in. This means that they can offer products specifically for each country which should appeal to the tastes of the customers in that specific market.

The Bee Honey Company currently has a tall, divisional organisational structure as there are many layers of management in the business, however the business is split into different divisions for each of the countries.

The organisational structure of The Bee Honey Company is shown below;

The Bee Honey Company Org Chart

The advantages of this structure for the company is the fact that it allows for clear lines of authority to be established, as everyone in the organisation should be aware of whom their manager is. It also provides employees with the potential to get promoted from within the company, something that should increase motivation levels in the company. The Bee Honey Company also likes the fact that the tall structure allows for a clear brand image and value to be communicated throughout the company, however the divisional spilt also allows for the company to meet the needs of each individual market.

It has been suggested to The Bee Honey Company that it should consider delayering and moving to a flat structure. This would reduce the levels of management in the company and enable it to become more efficient. This would however mean having wider spans of control, which could make it more difficult to manage employees in the company. However it would also mean that messages can be communicated more quickly in the company, something that is critical in a competitive market.

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