BEEday 2016 Business Enterprise Education Day

Celebrate Business Enterprise Education Day (BEEday) this year. We want all students all over the UK to be #buzzinforbusiness and to help make that possible we have created an activity that can be conducted with students of a wide age range as part of a business, economics of PSHE lesson. 

If you have not seen the Stocks and Shocks Activity that we have created, then check out the resources here.

However once you have completed the Stocks and Shocks Activity, you may want to introduce your students to BullBearings. This is a virtual stock market that actually uses real stock market prices of organisations on the FTSE 100, allowing students to buy and sell shares based on actual market values. It would be advisable for the teacher to create a student league so that students can compete against each other, seeing who can put their new found trading skills into action.



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