Market SegmentationMarket Segmentation is when a business will break up their target market into smaller sub sections, or segments. This is why an image of an orange is used, as this is made up of segments.

This is because not all customers of a product will have the same interests, tastes or hobbies. As a result companies and brands will tend to look to using different methods of promotion to appeal and interest different types of customer.

For example:

A company that makes sportsware clothing could have many different potential customers such as:

  • Teenagers
  • Sports Players
  • Adults

As a result they will need to find different ways of marketing that will appeal to each of these target customers. So this sportsware clothing brand could use the following methods of promotion to reach each of the potential customer bases;

  • Teenages (Social Media adverts and competitons on Facebook and Twitter)
  • Sports Players (Adverts at sports grounds and in sports programmes)
  • Adults (Sponsorship of TV channels and shows)


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