Adding value is that concept that you have probably have learn't about in business. When you know what you are looking for it becomes obvious the marketing methods and techniques thate are being used to add value to products and services that we buy. So when out and about shopping today, I thought I would take some photos of all of the different examples of adding value that I could find in the same store. 

Below are the examples that I found; 

 Adding Value  A good example of giving away a FREE item (features of the product) which probably costs a few pence to produce however means that in the longer term the price could be easily increased by 20p without that many customers noticing or complaining.
 Adding Value  A good example of the Point of Sale. This is used to catch the attention of the shopper and is designed and placed in an area that is going to create that impulse purchase. Look at the little "sacks" rather than boxes that the product is placed in, creating a more up market image making the product to appear more expensive.
Adding Value  The use of a brand, logo, image to obtain the attention of the customer and to make the products on offer appear to have an increased level of value to the customer. This is also an example of how presentation can add value as look at how tidy the placement of the products area.
 Adding Value An example of how "exclusive" is used as a form of adding value. This gives the impression of something special and as a result the customer will be willing to pay more for the product.
Adding Value  A good example of the "25% extra" method of adding value. This makes the customer feel that they are getting a better deal, when actually this could not always be the case. This is a common method of adding value that we see all the time with products and services.
 Adding Value  Another good example of making something appear "special" and a good deal in the mind of the customer. This is an example of how the shop is using adding value methods to try and get customers purchasing items. Also consider the placement of the products at the front of the store, as a result a customer could pick up an item here that is more expensive than something similar, placed further back in the store.
Adding Vlaue  Finally here is a good example of a Point of Sale, packaging, offers, branding and placement all being used to add vlaue to the product that is being offered.

There are so many more methods that are used by products and services. Shopping is a great way to look at how marking is used by the brands and it does change the way that you conduct your shop. Try it, I bet you will find plenty of examples of marketing and adding value on your next shop!


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