Business Studies Mock Test

You are about to sit a mock Business Studies exam paper covering the topic of finance. This is on all of the content that we have covered so far in lessons. This test will have short answer, calculation and multiple choice questions from the topics below;

  • Revenue & Costs
  • Profitability (including types of profit)
  • Break Even
  • Cash Flow
  • Budgeting

You will have 50 mins to complete the test, which contains 73 questions. This time frame ensures that you get to experience the feel of working under pressure. The test will contain a timer, which will count down until closing the test when it reaches 0. Once you have completed all of the questions or you have reached the maximum time, your answers will be marked and you will be provided with instant feedback, question by question on how you have performed. Be sure to look at this to work out any areas of weakness that you may have.

A potential guide of scoring is shown below;

  • 80% + - Excellent, you know your knowledge and calculations, just ensure you now start thinking about longer answer questions
  • 70% - Good, you clearly know your stuff, however you should be focusing on developing those areas of weakness
  • 60% - Ok, not a bad score, however you should be considering reading back up on areas of weakness and attempting one of my targeted questions on these topics.
  • 50% - Its half marks, however reallly you want to be doing better than this. Practice areas of weakness and then take the quiz again.
  • 0% - Its not the best score in the world and shows that you have gaps in your knowledge. You need to ensure you are working on these and then take the test again to see if you have improved.

 What you need for the exam;

This is an electronic exam, however you can use a calclator and write things down on paper. Just ensure you take care when you transfer the figures from your paper to the answer box on the computer.

Revision Materials

There are plenty of revision materials that you have available. All of the lesson Presentations and Resources can be found online. In addition to this you have a copy of a revision guide and you may even find the videos on my YouTube Channel useful. Lastly you have plenty of practice questions that you can attempt online, all with instant feedback.


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