June 2014 Exam PapersThe AQA June 2014 exams have now been completed and you should now know your results. However you probably want to know how you performed on each of the questions and work out any areas of weakness that you may have. Its important to be pro-active with your business studies and not get down about your grade but look to how you can improve for your future studies.

On e-eqa your teacher can find copies of the exam papers from AQA June 2014 exams

AQA June 2014 BUSS1 Exam Paper 

AQA June 2014 BUSS2 Exam Paper

AQA June 2014 BUSS3 Exam Paper

AQA June 2014 BUSS4 Exam Paper

They can also find you copies of the mark schemes from AQA June 2014 exams

AQA June 2014 BUSS1 Mark Scheme 

AQA June 2014 BUSS2 Mark Scheme

AQA June 2014 BUSS3 Mark Scheme

AQA June 2014 BUSS4 Mark Scheme

Remember to ask your teacher for the break down of your performance by looking at the e-aqa website. You should use this feedback alongside the exam papers found here.



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