Exam Revision Tips / GuideThere is one topic that I get asked quite a few questions about from students everywhere. Yes this site may focus on Business Studies however most of the concepts and information in this video guide can be applied to any subject that you are sitting, regardless of it is a BTEC, GCSE, AS Level or A2 Level exam. 

This short video has been filmed to share some ideas on how to ensure that you maximise your potential in your exams. This had been produced alongside Mr Hardman who is also sharing his thoughts and tips and tricks when it comes to that period which many students fear. We also look at the topic of mock exams and explain why we feel they are important and add value to your learning process. 

This video isn't going to do the exam for you and guarantee success, however it should help to ensure you start to feel better and more confident about your exams.

Click the link below to view the revision tips video.



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