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Business Aims and Objectives

All organistions will set aims and objectives, which they will hope to achieve. Some organisations will set similar aims and objectives, whereas others may be specific to the market which the business in question operates in.

An aim is a more general goal or target that a business will set itself. For example AFC @BeeBusinessBee will set itself the following aims;

  • To break even by the end of the first year
  • To make a profit by the end of year 2
  • To attract 1000 fans to each home match on average

As you can see these are quite general aims, however they are related to the business of AFC @BeeBusinessBee. To help us achieve each of the aims above we need to set some objectives, these are the smallers steps that will enable use to achieve that goal / target that we have set ourselves.

Aim: To break even by the end of the first year

Objectives to help achieve this aim:

  • Cap the wage bill at 60% of revenue for the season
  • Sell 1500 new home shirts at full retail price by the end of the season
  • Ensure that floodlights are switched on only when required and switched of 30mins after each match has finished

As you can see these are all smaller steps that will help to achieve the aim of ensuring that AFC @BeeBusinessBee breaks even by the end of the first year.


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