sources of paymentI have had quite a lot of questions and requests regarding some of the different resources that I have published online. One of the common questions appears to be around people wanting some ideas for how they can teach some of the topics from the different business specifications and courses that exist.

So I thought that I would share some ideas on what you could do for a possible BTEC National Business Lesson teaching the Unit 3, Personal and Business Finance topic of Payment Types. This is just a suggested plan and I’m sure this could be adapted and improved.

The objectives for this lesson should be along the lines of;

  • Students will be able to identify different sources of payment
  • Students will be able to assesss the advantages and drawbacks of each method of payment

Bell Activity: Finance word search (key business terms that have been taught already need to be found and then students need to explain why this word has been included in the feedback session)

Starter : Paired activity students listing all the different sources of payment. Students then feedback these as a group. Target your questions to establish their understanding of these sources of payment.

Development : Split your class into two halves. Half should be given sheet A and half given sheet B. Students should be given a reasonable amount of time to complete the table for their sources of payment. They could be encouraged to use the BeeBusinessBee quiz on different sources of payment to help them to complete this part of the task.


Students should be stopped at the set deadline and asked to find someone with the alternative sheet letter. They should then work as a pair, each imparting the knowledge they have learnt previously. This needs to be explained and not a copy exercise.

Plenary:  Students should be asked to complete the BeeBusinessBee quiz on different sources of payment. Use this as a tool to assess their progress.

Homework:  Students should be set some form of practice exam question that they can complete.



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