You should complete the tasks below to show your understanding of this unit of retailing. You will write a report which will include the following;

  • Define the term retailing
  • Describe the different types of retailers that are found in Stoke-on-Trent (independent stores, chains, department stores, supermarkets, multi-site stores, outlet stores, large centres, franchises etc.)
  • Discuss which types of stores are up and coming? (Hybrid stores “clicks and bricks”, pop-ups, service retailing, retail parks etc.)
  • Choose 10 different types of retailer and describe their;
    • Size (Number of Employees, Floor Space, Number of Locations, Turnover)
    • Type of Activity 
    • Product Strategy
    • Location (In town, local, out of town, retail parks, regional centres)
    • Ownership (independent, multiple, voluntary chains, franchised retailers)
  • What is currently happening in the retail market? How are retailers performing? Which methods of retail are proving most popular / successful?

Now you need to develop you content that you have produced above;

Select 4 different retailers from the list above

  • Compare their size and how this affects their operations. Use the number of employees (total and per store) to describe how this impacts on how successful they are

  • Describe what their business activities are and how this is affected by their format/location

  • Compare their strategies in selling and advertising products/services

Discuss how their location and compare these in terms of footfall, rental costs, store layout, sales, profits etc.

Example Structure and Guide


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