cloud computingPeople have talked about cloud computing for many years now, yet I have not been that keen on placing my documents in some space that I have never seen or visited in the past. However this all changed for me this week when I realised that my mobile communication device decided that it wanted to conduct a factory reset and as a result lose all of my images, videos and files that I had stored on it.

Annoying yes, however I only had myself to blame for not backing up the phone. I wrongly assumed this was being done by my phone automatically, clearly this wasn't the case. So I took some advice from my very knowledgeable friend (Chris Ford) and IT expert from Pikemere Web Services, who assured me that the way to prevent this happening in the future would be to get a DropBox account and set it to automatically backup all the images and videos which are taken on my phone. Best of all, DropBox is FREE!

I don't know why I have never been so keen on this form of cloud computing, given the fact that I have used the excellent Google Docs for many years. This is something that all students in our centre have access to and provides some real educational benefits that are provided Free of charge, unlike some of the other alternative options.

So the lesson has well and truly been learned in this bee hive when it comes to ensuring that you backup all files and images that you have on a mobile device. It's also so simple and easy given that DropBox is free and easy to setup on your mobile device. Combine this with Google Docs and you will have a complete personal cloud which should ensure that you will always feel nice and fluffy about having your data safe and secure.

Why not get yourself a personal cloud and keep your files backed up and safe today via this link;


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