OpenTTD LogoIt's getting closer to the end of term and business teachers are probably looking for that slighty different educational activitiy that engages the learner but also gives them the chance to apply and use their subject knowledge. This is a great activity for your students to use at any time of the year to develop their business skills.

This is a problem that I have solved by the use of the business simulation activity Open Transport Tycoon Delux (OpenTTD). This is a business simulation activity which encourages the learner to set up a virtual transport company and compete against the computer, or fellow students to return a profit. This simulation takes into account changes in the economy, interest rates and the impact that competitors have on a business organisation. This game really tests strategic decsion making skills and the notion of investing to achieve reward.

The simulation can be a challenge to learn at first, however once mastered it is a very enjoyable activity. 

You can download the latest copy of OpenTTD for your computer from here.

You can also view some of our simple quick start OpenTTD tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel.


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